How to Use A Dog Shock Collar


Your dog has bad behavior that usually causes problems, such as digging or barking at your guests. Then you buy a dog shock collar, hoping it can help you to control its bad behavior.

It is the first time you use a shock collar. Don’t know how to use a dog shock collar? What should we pay attention to in case it may harm your dog?

Hope this article may meet your need.

1. Read the User Manual

There is usually a user manual or an instruction that comes with the collar you brought. Read it carefully. Don’t skim it, or you may miss important details.


2. Put Batteries in the Shock Collar and the Transmitter

3Put batteries in the shock collar and the transmitter. For the shock feature, some collars have a small plastic switch and some have a rubber button.

Remember, before you put the collar on your dog, make sure the function of the collar and the transmitter. To prevent accidental shock to your dog, also make sure the system is turned off and set to the lowest setting before attaching it to your dog to prevent accidental shock.

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